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2 Good For Me

Date : 2nd March 2001
Time : Don't know
This song came after a year of drought. Funny. I hardly noticed it. But during that time, I'd become a fan of Hip-Hop/Rap (i.e. dc Talk) and I'd also got into Petra, majorly. So, this song is kind-of a rappy said-sung one. I think the chorus leans slightly towards the tune of the "More Power To Ya" chorus...

Too good for me... (x2)

I may not have a fancy car
I may not drive a Mercedes
I may not live in a bungalow
Not all there is to life, y'know
People say I'm stupid 'cos
I believe in what they think is bosh
That there's a God above who loves us all
And He's there to catch us when we fall...

Too good for me and I see it everyday
Too good for me and it's showin' me Your way
I feel Your love all around me
It surrounds me and it teaches me
But I just can't understand it
'Cos it's too good for me

When I stumble and when I fall
When I begin to have a ball
When I think that I've lost it all
When I think that I've blown it all
I begin to understand
What my life is all about
It's all about Your love for me
Unconditional and forever be...