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Solitary Reapers

Date : 16th January 2004
Time : 22.10 hrs
We need to pray for all our brethren who toil to increase the reaches of God's kingdom.

Passing by lush green fields
Seeing golden ears of corn
Calculating the yield
This year is bad - 'Tis said

Workers toil with scythes
Bending double at the task
The sweat makes them sigh
Turning, often, to the flask

Gathering grain
So faithfully

These are God's people
Working away
Harvesting His kingdom
These are God's people
Sweating it out
Pouring out His glory
These are God's people
Running the race
Making us see
What we cannot see
These are God's people
Living for you and me

Think back to the time
You left the world behind
Lifting the cross and diving
You followed with heart and mind

But who showed you the way
Who told ya that JC lives
Wasn't he making hay
While the sun shone?

Using the time
So dedicated

So pray for these our brothers
Take up their cause, our sisters
For they have none but us
To stand for them in the gap