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Only God

Date : 16th January 2004
Time : 22.15 hrs

You will hear no wind
You will see no rain
But the desert will fill up
With streams of water
You will hear no sound or
See no rain
But you'll be blessed beyond measure
More abundantly

There comes a time in every life
When we are all out on our own
No mother no brother; no husband no wife
We only reap what the devil has sown

Such is the desert that we walk through
With no oasis no shelter at all
Looking around we haven't a clue
As to how we're gonna get out

Theat's when we hear
A still small voice sayin'

The mountain seems so high to climb
Hard and stony ground we walk on
Nothing but death; all around we see
Nothing but life; waiting impatiently

Half-dead we are; we carry on
Hoping against hope; today's the day
That the Lord's promised to save us here
Only knowing one thing

That's when we read
A tiny small verse sayin'