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The End

Date : 5th February 2004
Time : 23.45 hrs
Many a time in life, we feel that we're staring down a deep, dark tunnel, with no end in sight. Then, when even a sliver of light is spotted... we are flooded with relief.

I can see the lights up high
The dawn is waking up the night
I can see the night fade away
The last throes of a mighty foe
I can see the sun about to rise
Spreading warmth and love around
I can see the black holes vanish
Making their darkness diminish

Better walk through hell
And end up in heaven (than to)
Walk through Heaven and
End up in hell
If we walk through fire
We can walk on water
But if we sink in water
We will burn in fire
So just hold on and hang on
When there's no hold to hang on to
'Cos God will break us and make us
Before He takes us to use

I can see the light at the end
Of this long and dreary tunnel
I can see the earth fall away
As water through a funnel
I can see the chequered flag
That signals the end of this trial
I can see glory drizzling down
Settling the dust of our labours

How beautiful when spring finally arrives
How wonderful to see the new day
How glorious the new life will be
How marvellous to behold it all
We look back and laugh the night away
We look back and are happy to go through it all