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The Beginning

Date : 13th February 2004
Time : 00.20 hrs
Problems come and go, in life. But better than the coming is the going of these irritating problems. That's what this song is all about.

Blue skies surround me
Not a wisp of grey around
Your blanket of mercy
I'm swimming in its flow
You take me and hold me
You show me all is well

I'm here and now (forgetting)
The there and then...

I can smell the spring
Wild flowers; sunny days
The rain has washed away
The pain of yesterday
Mercy and joy anew I've found
At the place where grace abounds

The raging storm's abated
No matter the length we waited
Calmness veils all
Seemingly unrealistic
Death - we waited for
Life - we were given

He's steered our ship
To peaceful waters

Clear as it seems now
The haze will come soon
The fog will descend
The clouds will return
But as night follows day
We will wait for the dawn