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(Rap Praise)

Date : 26th February 2004
Time : 10.00 hrs

Raise the praise
To the only One
Who knows our days
Though we know not
All His ways
Give it up
Through the cloudy haze

Shout Loud
To the Lord
Be it alone
Or in a big crowd
When we're heard
There's no doubt
That JC mah God
Is up on a cloud

I just wanna praise Ya
Lift my voice and sing
I just wanna bring Ya
More than everything
I just wanna praise Ya
Lift Your name up high
I just wanna bring Ya
More than whines or sighs

Beneath our feet
That's where He is
When we do this feat.
I hear you guys say
Now that's neat
Satan on a
Track that's beat

Is the sound
Of a zillion voices
Raised in song
Won't ya come and
Join the throng
Catch the spark and
Sing along

All the men
And women over here
Lend us a ear
Yer voice we need
Get it in gear
Praise the Lord
Without a fear