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The Road Less Taken

Date : 24th / 26th February 2004
Time : 10.00 hrs

The signs are flashing
Pointing the way
To a better place
Loud and clear
The voice, it tells
But something smells...

Senses are tingling
The life of a party
People are swinging
To the tunes of the world
Heads are reeling
From joy or ache?

This is not
The road less taken
This is the
Road oft taken
Making merry
While the sun shines
Never looking
At the Son who shines

Another road lies
Along a long-forgotten way
Through sweaty deserts
And snow-covered mounts
With a lone cross
To point the way

A man is on the cross
A simple man - simple cross
But the two together
Have made history forever
Rocky, thorny and dusty
Lies the way to life

This is the road less taken
Not a well-worn way
Trying to tarry
Mining the quarry
Making the hay
While the Son shines