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Dancing With The Devil

(Son of Satan)

Date : 24th / 26th February 2004
Time : 22.00 / 16.00 hrs

Smooth, decent and well-bred
You have no problems pleasing the world
Like flies to honey
They're attracted to you
Soothing the senses
Healing the aches
Or so you seem..

But search deeper and you find
That people are really truly blind
Unholy parties at midnight
Putting up your price
Giving in to the fight

You have no sight
You have no right
When you're dancing with the Devil
Dance with the Devil
Hate the right
Love the wrong
Never fearing where your soul's gonna go
Dance with the Devil
Dancing with the Devil
Who cares about the Son of God?
If He lived or died or rose again
There's only one thing ya wanna to do

And that's Dance with the Devil
Dancing with the Devil

Living or dead you are
I don't really care
But pull wool over yer eyes
And try thinking yer alive
Living - you are
In the realm of Satan
Die - you must
In the hands of God

Everyday you sink deeper
Knowing that you're weaker
Living only as a Zhombie
Your mind's perverted
And your soul's perverse

You hate me like you hate God
I love you like I love God
No matter the cost
Of going through it all
I'm standing for you
In the gap
Between Heaven and Earth
I will pray for you
I will stay for you