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Date : 26th February 2004
Time : 23.00 hrs
This song is dedicated to Alexander. This is what I've always wanted to say whenever you've asked me about love, dude. Hope it answers your questions.

Saw her enter the place
Love glowing on her face
Like a burning fire
Took one look at her face
Felt totally outta place
Fuelling my desire

Spoke with her for hours
Meeting such a like-mind
Makes my head spin
Looking at her from all angles
And liking what I see
Can't hear Your voice...
Above the din

Then a friend came up to me
And told me that's not the way
Here's how it works...

Love God (Good)
Hate Evil (Great)
Love her (No)

Love is holy; Love is pure
Why not use it to love my gal?
Shouldn't we make love not war?
Why should the Holy Lord
Who made us as we are
To love and be loved
Ask us not to love?

Why on earth should love
Be kept only for all else?
Look at the paper, TV & mags
Love's what we need
That's what they say
Why - look at the Bible
Says that, "God is love"

Pat comes the reply
Love her - sure, go ahead
But love her as God does
Not for self; not for her
But for God
'Cos here's how it goes

No lust or sex or
Undue thoughts
Loving her with
The love that bought
All of us at Calvary
Never really mind
If she cares a jot
About me, my feelings
Or my God
Gonna love her
With all the
Love I've got
'Cos here's how it works...