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Killing Hunger

Date : 27th February 2004
Time : 11.45 hrs

The hunger gnaws at my bones
Wanting to make bread from stones
Dulling my senses
Searing my soul
The thirst parches my mouth
No way for me to get out
Making me sweat
Losing my bet

I need you more than ever
This hour; this minute
I need the bread of life
I need you every hour
This place; this time
I need the living water (now)

Day by day
We hit the grind
Mundane on Monday and
Fried by Friday
Sad on Saturday
Leads to hunger by Sunday
No matter where I go
What I do
This hunger eats away
At the very heart of my soul

Come and fill me more than ever
This hour; this minute
Give me the bread of life
Come and fill me every hour
This place; this time
Give me the living water (now)

Lack of beliefs
Lack of faith
Call it what you want (but wait)
Lack of love
Lack of hope
In all the people around me

It kills me
It makes me
Want you more
Erodes me
It eats me
This gnawing hunger...

You've answered my call
This hour; this minute
I'm eating the bread of life
You've caught my lonely fall
Right place; Right time
Drinking the living water (Right now)