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Where The Meets The Sky

Date : 29th February 2004
Time : 23.55 hrs
Do you know where the earth meets the sky? Does the earth ever meet the sky? Well, wherever it is, hoping to meet all of you there...

This song is dedicated to all my friends in the 2000-2004 batch of CSI CE. (Jeevan, Sarah, Bina, Gokul, John Paul, Ruban Chakravarthy, and the rest. Thanks people for everything)

The lyrics to this song were slightly different, especially in the second verse. We had to change it while singing it so that it fit the tune. Help was provided by Ruma Elizabeth Cherian, Joseph Antony, Geena Ann George and Elen Sebastian.

I'm forever in your debt
For the way that you have swept
Away my heart - now your home
No matter how we wept
There will always be a cleft
For you in my heart - now your home

Parting is such sweet sorrow
Hoping we meet on the 'morrow
Regardless of that - we know
We've a place called home

Where the earth meets the sky
The sun will not shine
Nor the moon define
The place where we meet
At Jesus' feet
Where the earth meets the sky
The Son will we see
For all eternity
And the sweetest of sorrows
Will then fall away
Where the earth meets the sky

We keep moving on in life
From place to place we go
Not leaving all the ones we love
Minding never all the strife
Sown using our weakness
Hurting all the ones we love

Living for a place above
Leaving all the ones we love
But regardless of that - we know
We will meet them home

And all we spend in this life
Here on Earth
Is just a tiny whisper
Of the life above
(So) Leaving it all behind
Is not much to ask
We will always find
That we're upto the task

So we'll see you all
Where the earth meets the sky

CSI CE, PC Thanksgiving - 2006

From right to left:
Front row: Elen Sebastian, Joseph Antony, Ruma E Cherian, Daniel Divyakumar H, Geena A George
Back row: Vinamzi Paul Samuel, Renuga Ruth, Visalakshi, Hepsiba M Grace, Rinu Rose, Mia Mathew
Keyboards (basically all the music you hear): Rally Godwin

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