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The Fall

Date : 16th March 2004
Time : 11.45 hrs
This song talks of the imminent and impending fall in everyone's life... We need to get back up on our feet when that happens.

The higher we are
The harder we fall
The deeper we go
The deeper the cut
We falter; no matter
Picked up by love
Dying to give life

Greatest of all - except one
Powerful and tall - Back once
You heard the call - Of pride
You took the fall - To die

Led many men - You lied
You were greatest - You tried
Taking the throne - Of God
Making a fool - Of you

Along life's road - We find
The clouds are cool - No mind
The harder 'n ever - The climb
Nevertheless - We try

Once we've taken - The call
We try the harder - The fall
Comes so soon - We think
That life's done - All fink