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With You

Date : 23rd / 27th / 29th March 2004
Time : 8.00 / 21.00 / 15.30 hrs
Verse : I Corinthians 13

This song is dedicated to all my true and deep friends. You know who you are... The inspiration for this song is a very close friend of mine at college, Bina. Thank you. Above all, this song is for JC, who's the friend of all friends.

My dearest, darlingest friend
I will stay till the end
Never minding we bend
To meet, greet and defend
The right to call our own

My truest, trusted soul
The way you make me whole
Makes your worth more 'n gold
You make me feel so bold
That fear is forgotten

With you - I can lose myself
With you - I can be myself
I am who I am
When I'm with you
With you - I can feel myself
With you - I can see myself
I'll give up most all
Just to be wih you

Most lovable and adorable pal
I know you've got the gall
To tell me what you really
See and hear from me
'Cos you're better than them all

Chocs are better than men and
Beers are better than women
But what my dearest are better than you
Not silver; nor gold nor
Even those precious stones

We build our lives
On the One who really lives
We take our love
From the One who really loves
We see our selves
Like the One who really sees
What's in you and me
And loves us anyway...