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Day to Day

Date : 29th March 2004
Time : 14.45 hrs
Verse : Romans 5:1-5

This song was written especially for Joseph Antony. A classmate and good friend of mine at college. This song was born due to his request for a song of hope. Thanks to you, Jo, for your ideas on the song.

Monday mornin'
Sittin' in my car
Tryin' to start it
This has gone too far
Just last night
My best friend left me down
See my wife now
Wearin' such a frown

God knows what I
Ever did to her
Have not spoken
Since last December
Just last week I
Nearly lost my job
Found out that I
Wasn't worth the lob

I look forward to
The day after this
Never knowing that
Satan'll gimme a kiss
Searching answers
In that Holy Book
Never looking
Much beyond the nook

Suddenly my eyes dawned
Upon one old ancient truth
About the One who lived and died
Upon one old rugged cross

Livin' life like
It was always meant to be
Got frustrated
When nobody could see
Who He really was
The Son of God from heaven
Down on earth to
Save us all from hell

Always plotting
His enemies were watching
Never missing
A chance to get His crown
Trying harder
They tricked and trapped and tripped
Getting madder
They nearly killed themselves

Finally they
Got what they'd wanted
Bringing Him to
The man they knew as Pilate
Binding Him to
All their Holy laws
Feeding Him to
Death's hungry jaws

He was whipped for
Every sin of ours
Slapped and scourged
This went on for hours
Every stripe and
Every other wound
He endured
Till even He did swoon

Walking up the
Hill of Calvary
He walked down the
Road to misery
Leaving all till
Only He was left
He began to
Do what He did best

He went down to Hell
And the gates did open wide
Setting everybody free
He then rose up much alive

Breaking the barriers of
Sin and guilt
He gave me a hope
That will never wilt
Moths and thieves can't steal away
What my Saviour gave me that day