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From My Heart...

Date : 4th April 2004
Time : 2.30 hrs

Dedicated to the One who's given me everything that I've received. Written for my Lord and Saviour, Jesus, the Christ. This one's from my heart of hearts, JC.

More than silver or gold
More than wealth untold
I love you with all my heart
For you are my counterpart
More than friends or foes
More than any that pose
I love you with all my soul
For you are my only bole

I say that I mean
Whatever I say
I say that I'm clean
Looking Your way
Trusting the unseen
Thinking of faith
But what do you really mean
To me today?

I sing praises to You
Meaning it all
I live life like You
Mean nothing at all
I love to talk to You
Day and night
But do I listen to Ya
With all my might?