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Chipping Away

Date : 13th April 2004
Time : 2.15 hrs

Chipping away
At my heart of hearts
He is chipping away
To reveal my core
Moulding & making
Extruding; Extracting
Polishing a shiny mirror
And He's still chipping away
At my human side

Brain's pretty confused
But my heart really knows
That it's all about love
So try as I might
I don't seem to fight
The urge to be human

I know I'm wrong
'Cos I know not right
I know I'm bad
'Cos I know not good

Living a good life
A battle with strife
Emerging victorious
Forgetting my God
Who lived and died
Whom I cannot match

I know I've grown
'Cos I know not to shrink
I know I live
'Cos I know not to die

I know I've flown
'Cos I know not to drown
I know I've blown
'Cos I know not to hide
All these feelings inside...