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Worship Ya

Date : 21st April 2004
Time : 8.20 hrs

Inspired by the awe and beauty of the scenery around me... The great Ketti Valley, Nilgiris.

When I see the majestic splendour
Of this world You've made for me
I can hear Your voice so tender
And feel Your love for me
Every brook that tinkles down a hill
Tells me of Your will
Every nook that hides a secret place
Shows me more of Your face

You are God
Of Heaven and Earth
You are Lord
Of the earth and the sky
You are King
Of the sky and above
I worship You
Here and now...
I live - To lift Your name on high
I live - To give You all the glory
I live - To sing unto Your name
And I live...
To worship You
(Here and now)

All my life you've been so near me
Now why won't I wanna stay?
Every time I trust so blindly
You make my blindness go away
In the faces of all people
I see Your beauty and grace
Looking deep inside their hearts
I see their need for You

So wonderful and beautiful
Is all creation
So wonder and beautify
The Creator of all
Every breath and heartbeat
Is all for You
Every inch of my life
Let me worship You