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Still Loving Me

Date : 23rd April 2004
Time : 7.25 hrs

Back then
I thought the world was over
But then
It was Heaven anew

Brought me back
From the gates of Hell
Bought me back
From the jaws of death

And He loved me
Oh yes He loved me

He gave me fresh hope and a new life
A hidden truth and a missing part
He gave me true love and liberty
A deep craving and a shot to my heart
And He's still loving me...
Still loving me

Right now
I'm living for Him
But now
I fall now and then

Kicks my butt
When I go astray
Picks me up
When I fall away

And He loves me
Oh yeah, He loves me

Great are His mercy and grace
Great are His ways
Living only to live and die
Living to gaze at His face
And I love Him so
So be in the know