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In God

Date : 28th April 2004
Time : 14.30 hrs
Verse : Acts 2:25-28

In God do I put my hope and my trust
In God do I put my life
In God do I wanna live and die
In God will I then abide

Though I go down to the house of death
Though I lay low in the grave
Though I fall 'neath the very earth
Though my body may decay

I will always see His hand on me
And I will not be afraid
My heart is glad and my talk is joy
For He is at my right side

I will live in hope eternally
And trust His plans for me
For He will not leave me here alone
I am His holy one

He shows me the path that I need to take
The path that leads to life
He makes me glad by telling me this
No fear of death or his kiss

I will live near to God
All things will seem pretty dull
Right next to what I have above
All things will wait for love