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Date : 28th April 2004
Time : 15.30 hrs

Do we live our lives for the everglow
Do we live our lives in the know
That the things of the world will pass away
That the things of this world will die

Somebody told somebody
Of someone who had died
And that someone had left behind
All that he had tried
To accumulate over all the years
The wealth of his very life
But leaving it all over here
He had gone over there

Worry and care presses us down
Everyday of our lives
We study to work & work to study
Never minding all else
We forget for some time
Who we really are
We forget our own God above
Who loves us as we are

More bothered about money and stuff
We give up our lives for them
Never bothered about the Son of God
Who gave up His life for us
We need to rethink our strategy
And the way that we do things
We need to rethink our principles
So He can carry us away

Set your priorities - Not of this world
With help from above - Right on the world
Not on worldly wealth or trappings
But on the wealth above