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Back Up

Date : 30th April 2004
Time : 19.05 hrs

Dedicated to, inspired by and written for my dear friend, Joseph Anthony. I am so glad da, that you're on your way back up. And I'm thankful to God for using me in any way to help you. God bless you.

At the big black darkness
A whole new world
That I hadn't come so late
All of these on my plate

Beside me I can see
Others finding liberty
Giving in to what they feel
Is their right to do and deal

Before me I can see
Urgent voices calling me
All their hands beckoning
Me to a safe haven

Safe from this world and all its ills
Safe from the people who live to kill
Safe to live and do as I please
I would be safe in this secret haven

Everything is feeling right
Nothing could've been more good
I want to do all that I should
But I can't even do all that I could

Removing green glasses
I take a look around
The whole place crumbles down
I can see now
All that I wouldn't see
Heaven's become hell...

Pain and misery
All around me
Look in the mirror
I see that I'm Hyde
Finally seeing
What's really in my hide
I am startled
By this strange reality

I can hear a tiny voice
Someone wants me back
All that I was to him
(Been) Kissing
All of me goodbye

I look back to see
The one who's never moved
Wondering why I've
Moved so far away

My mind's telling me
Not even to look back
But all that I see
In front seems so very black

My mind finally follows my heart
Leaving behind all that's on my cart
I slowly turn to go back up the hill
But I find my heart is in this still

Fully half-hearted
I am rethinking my thought
Never knowing
What it was that bought (me)
Seeing indecision
He speeds to my side
Drops down the ladder
Which brushes my cheek

A half-grip
It seems enough
He's pulling me up...
Back up