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Talk 2 Me

Date : 10th May 2004
Time : 12.40 hrs

In days of old
Your word was gold
What You always had in thought
In days of old
You always told
What You were all about

(But) On a day like today
I need to hear from You
On a day like today
I need to know it's true

Talk to me
By the Urim and the Thummim
Talk to me
In the wind and in the rain
Talk to me
Through everything I see and hear
Talk to me
Through Your word or through Your workers
It doesn't really matter
If I hear Your booming voice or not
All I want is to grow fatter
By feeding on Your every word
So talk to me...
The way You do

People regret
That they no longer hear You
Like what we read in Your word
People forget
That they no longer listen
To what You want to tell us

(So) Give us our daily bread
We need to live a little longer
Give us our hourly bread
We thirst for You alone

Man lives not by bread alone
But on pearls of wisdom
Which You bequeath to us
Help us to help You mould us
May we be all...
You want us to be