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Date : 16th May 2004
Time : 2.10 hrs
Verse : Psalm 51

Cleanse my heart from all my sin
Cleanse my soul from all within
Cleanse my self from me and my pride
Cleanse me whole oh God of love

I've been wandering; lonely, forlorn
Getting all dirty out on my own
Thirsting for life in the desert of sorrow
Been wasting my time on mindless morals

Your oasis found me dying
I'm willing to die trying

The world looks fine through fine-eyed glasses
Till I saw this world through Your own eyes
I know now, where I was before
I know too, where I will be from now

You gave me myself back
Now I'm back on the right track

Sure, I know I'll sin again
Bound to fall like the steady rain
Naught to do but keep trusting You
Maybe that will then clear the clouds

You keep changing me
Now I'm born again