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Waiting And Trusting

Date : 16th May 2004
Time : 2.20 hrs

I've been thinking about You day and night
Waiting for You to come tonight
I've been casting my eyes upon Your word
Stuffing my heart with all You've said

They tell me You're not coming back
They tell me You've gone to stay
They tell me this world don't need You
They tell me to party today

Stop living in the past
Quit dreaming of the future
It was never gonna last
So don't bother anyway...

That's what they tell me (x 2)

They tell me that You never were
They tell me that You will not be
They tell me my faith is foolishness
They tell me my hope is meaningless

Stop living from the past
Quit dreaming for the future
Was never really meant to be
A world of our own...

That's what they tell me (x 2)

You said You're coming back
Or no point in loving me
I'll be waiting for You till You come
'Cos You told me You would

You told me...