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Talkin' Wid Ya

Date : 31st May 2004
Time : 1.45 hrs

Inspired by that seemingly marvellous invention, the Internet. Hey, I use it too...

Everyday we connect
To that marvellous Internet
Without a thought we dissect
Gazillion pages without fret
Any use at all?

Everyday we chat
With friends and family - thin or fat
Even using a cam
To show 'em our faces
Any use at all?

Talkin' wid Ya
Is the greatest pleasure
You're the wind
You're the rain
You are much more fun
When I'm talkin' wid Ya
I unearth many treasures
You're the voice
You're my breath
You are my all in all

Communicate very well
Transfer of mambo
Too much of traffic
Makes it a jumble
Any use at all?

Some speak Italian
German, Latin or French
Stupefied and tongue-tied
When it comes to You
Any use at all?