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My Webcam

Date : 31st May 2004
Time : 2.00 hrs

Inspired by that lovely person, Meena. Hate what you did, but inspiring, nevertheless. Dedicating it to JC. Why do I always forget You just a moment after I talk wid Ya ?

I wake up in the morning
Go about my chores
I constantly forget
You're right over here

I do my daily duty
As a steward in this world
Trying to live my life
As I best see fit

When I remember
You are watching me...

A two-way conversation
But a one-sided view
You see me on my cam
And I don't see You
A one-way registration
But a two-sided coin
I've turned my cam on
And You're looking at me
You've got my webcam on me
(And I've my heart on You)

It's not like I live
Right outta Your book
A Jesus do-gooder
In this moderny world

On the other hand I'm not
A criminal or a thief
I'm a pretty decent guy
With moralistic views

Then I read
You're looking at my heart