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Date : 5th June 2004
Time : 21.45 hrs

Totally inspired by that wonderful and glorious person, the Spirit. The Holy Spirit. He just rocks to amazement. But sad that many people miss out on all that He can do in their lives by bogging Him down with their own ideas and myths.
I was just lazing around and thinking about how people say that You can have the Holy Spirit within you only if you're jumping and dancing or only if you start speaking in tongues or Prophecy or something like that. I was pretty disturbed about all that, when I suddenly I just started jumping about the room with these lyrics just flowing into my head along with a real jumpy rhythm. It was too good to be true. I was soooo fired up that I couldn't sit down even, to write down the lyrics. Took me about a half-hour to sit down and pen the lyrics which were in my head.
Now, I don't wish to offend anybody, but the Lord freely gives His Spirit to all believers. There need not be any external signs (I mean, the supernatural kind). You may be slain in the spirit, falling down when He comes upon you, or you may start to speak in tongues, etc. I think the most important is... How we live after He comes in. Continueing in a life of sin would be useless if the Spirit of the Lord is in you. So... Live right with God.

The Spirit of the Lord is on me
Doing everything that He could
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
Making everything be as it should

There's this fire burning
Deep inside
And I just can't seem to
With the fact that He's in me

I may not be spectacular
May not speak in tongues
Or prophecy
I do speak vernacular
Which is all I need
To spread His word

You may not see great
Tongues of fire
You may not feel big
Gusts of wind
Signs like such one can't deny

I may not show what you wanna see
All I show is who God made me
I may not fit all expectations
But I do my daily

External signs
Just a big show-off (Sometimes)
What's in the heart
Matters at the pay-off