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2 Souls

Date : 5th June 2004
Time : 22.02 hrs

Written for my parents. Wanted to write one for them for so long... but didn't get anything. The most beautiful thing is them giving up their all to follow the Lord, because of which, I am here today. Praise God!

I may have been a mystery
Complicated; misunderstood
I know I will be history
For all posterity

You say God ordained
That I am
You say God has willed
That I be

What is a potter without pots
What is He without them?

2 souls met One
Long ago
Gave up their lives
Gave in to life
Laid it all down
Two souls made one
Long ago
That's why I live today

They may not always be there
When I need them and when I don't
They are always with me
In spirit and in truth

God gave them grace
And I be
God made them wise
And I am

What is a child without parents
What is me without them?