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Who We Are

Date : 5th June 2004
Time : 23.20 hrs

The theme song for the band... "Sacre Couer" It's got every bit of major style music in it. Starts off with rap and then goes into funky pop rhythm, followed by a few lines of really rocky stuff and then the chorus mellows out into an acoustic style... If ya haven't heard it yet, go listen to it! (But you've gotta wait for us to release the record first...)

Yo! Gimme some attention
Lend me some ear
Need to tell ya all about
The One who fights
New kid on the block
Definitely not
Been rockin' up the place
Since time began

He made you
He made me
He made us to be
He moulds everyday now
To what I must be
He's the reason for my
Slowly breakin down my

He was; He is; He will be
He reigns today, forever
He lived; He died; He rose
He lives to know no pain again

He is God and
We serve Him (echo)
He is Lord and
We confess (echo)
He is Jesus and
We love Him...

This is who we are
Sons of God
Born of Spirit
This is who we are
Brothers in Christ
Living to die
This is what we do
Spreading the news
Checking the fuse
This is what we do
Live only for Him
Die only for Him