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My Agape

Date : 20th July 2004
Time : 22.06 hrs
Reference : Psalm 63

This song is taken purely from Psalm 63. I was sooooo moved by this psalm which I read during my morning devotion that day, that I just HAD to write this song.

Your glory and Your power
Have I seen - while I worship
Your love is more than life to me
I have felt it - I praise You
Till my lungs stop breathing
I will commune in prayer with Thee
I will dance till crazy
Singing joyful praises

You are my God
So I worship You
In the deepest depths
Of my heart - I long for You
As a parched tongue seeks water
Or a cool flowing stream
In a scorched desert
Cos Your love is more than life

You're my very last thought
Before I drift away
I keep thinking of You
Even during the night
I sing many a song
Sheltered by the shadow of Your wing
I stay right beside You
Supported by Your powerful arm

All who wish I was dead will die
Die by the sword
Or by wild dogs
Your faithful followers celebrate
Because of You
You are my agape