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You Can't

Date : 25th July 2004
Time : 00.55 hrs

You've tried to hit me
You've tried to hurt me
You've tried so many ways
To chalk out a path for me
You've tried enticing me
You've tried seducing me
When that didn't work
You tried to just shut me down

But I want you to know
I run on heavenly fuel
With the Bible in one hand
And a prayer in my heart (And so)

You can't tie me down
I'm unfettered and set loose
I won't settle down
I'm burning deep within
I'm a free bird now
Soaring up into the sky
And I want you to know
You can't tie me down

(Then) You tried to set me up
Make it look like I was yours
Forged something that
Is too filthy to mention here
You've tried my emotions
Kindling my deepest fires
Flames rose up fast
But grace put them out

And I want you to know
That a battle is easily won
The war is what counts
And mine's already won (with JC)