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Nobel Prize

Date : 25th July 2004
Time : 19.00 hrs

In this world you must achieve
People out there search for heroes
To go the distance
To worship them

Your photo in the paper
Your name on the front page
You have instant fame
You have won the game

Of life as we know it
Of being god among men

It takes much more
To be a champion of love
That is what you really are
No greater love than yours
Giving up your life for mine
That is what you've done
The world views you differently
Who cares about them
Me, I'd give you
The Nobel prize for love

Achievement is sought after
Competition leaves you behind
In the race to win
In the crazy frenzy

Your worth is measured
By the degrees after your name
The more the merrier
The less; you're poorer

That's your success, then
Adding abc's to your name

The best in the field
Of any field out there
Receive the award
Year after year
If I were to give
The Nobel prize for love
I'd give it to you
Every day of my life