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St. Sinner

Date : 9th August 2004
Time : 12.00 hrs

Well, I've built my life
On the rock of Christ
A sandy shore won't do for me
When the storms come
It's almost like
I take a trip right outta town

I wear a robe of righteousness
But it is just a robe
Within me dwells a sinful soul
I can't seem to crucify

I wanna be a saint
Not a sinner like everyone else
I wanna be Your child
Not a stranger to Your word
I wanna do what You want me to
But I am just not able
I pray this prayer when my heart is true
Make this sinner a saint
(Make this sinner a saint)

Every man does fall
Into a trap
That's how life moves on
Why do I fall
To murky depths
That Satan brews for me?

I could soar on eagles' wings
As Your word has told
Within me, You kindle a fire
I can't seem to put it out

I try; I try
Still I fail
But still I try
Perseverance is the key
To unlock my heart of hearts