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Resident Evil

Date : 9th August 2004
Time : 21.50 hrs

There is evil within
Every man and every soul
Hidden deep beneath
Smoothened exteriors
All we need's a spark
To set alight the fire
To burn all we know
Suicide our souls

Bring out the best in ya
Every moment is precious
Every moment is golden
Never keep the best in ya
Let it warm a heart
Let it light the world
Bring out the best in ya
To fight the resident evil

There is yin and there's yan
But they can't save a man
"Good maybe great;
But evil is greater"
That's what they say
To make you a hater
Poking to bring up
What lies beneath...

Evil lies within
Cure's from without
One can't help oneself
But One can help all men...

Fight, fight, fight
The resident evil...