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Life Awaits

Date : 9th September 2004
Time : 17.00 hrs

On the 8th of September, my friend Sugat (from Orissa), lost his father. He wasn't there to bid adieu. Questions raged in my mind... Why? Why now? Why him? I wanted to comfort him. To reach out and touch him. But I knew that death was a loss to which we can seldom reconcile.
I am dedicating this to you, da. The way you've pulled through this episode is marvellous. You are an epitome of courage, inner strength and trust in God. For now, we can only take comfort from the fact that a beautiful life awaits us...

No comfort can heal the soul
No human words can touch the heart
The dream has come; The dream is gone
What was is not what is today

Painful memories
Of a better time
Mournful melodies
Are now the chant and rhyme

But there is hope
As always, of a better tomorrow
There is faithThat this sadness will never last
There is joy
Amidst all our sorrows
There is peace
When we hold steadfast
To the love of Jesus
Which can give us life
There's a life
Which we await

A soul is gone; His swansong done
Leaving many questions behind
Why did it have to happen so?
Why did it have to happen now?

Complex theories
Of our God and who He is
A two-bit rhapsody
That's what we've become

When dreams turn to nightmares
Just give yourself to His care
When hopes don't last reality
Just turn your hopes to eternity