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Faithful Doubt

Date : 10th September 2004
Time : 9.55 hrs

Inspired by Meena I V. Your situation was really heart-shattering. I know you were broken at that time, but we all have to be broken before JC can make us whole again...

From the depths of my heart
I cry out to the Lord
The deepest reaches of my soul
Present a longing for my God
The hole within
My very self
Fill it and make me
Whole within

Frenzied confusion
Questions a dime a dozen
Making a fusion
Of all right and wrong

Is my heart with Yours
Oh Father above
Are my thoughts
Set on Your ways
I wanna be Yours
Now and forever
But I feel I am
Far away...

Through the motions
Of everyday living
Huge commotion
When my vision is blurred

How do I know that
I am with You
How do I know that
For sure
I feel like how
Thomas did feel
Doubting a fact
Which can't be seen

I have faith, in my doubts
Yet I doubt all my faith
Where's my God who was here
Where's He now when I am here?