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Date : 15th September 2004
Time : 16.15 hrs

Inspired by a roadside beggar whom I saw on the way to St. Stephen's Church, Ooty. He had nothing. Yet he showed more love to a stray dog than what we sometimes show our friends... That's God's touch. Be touched by it to touch others...

Sitting alone - Lost and forlorn
Having nobody to care
Thinking where from - your next meal would come
You have no home to go to

Material wealth
You do not have
No decent clothes
No proper food
Still you are in
God's own image
And so you have
All His love

A tender heart - you have
A heart of gold and
A touch of love
A tender heart - For all
Of God's creatures
Here on Earth
Nothin can move or shake you
You are built with love
Nothin can ever break
A tender heart like yours

Day by day - We meet with them
People who have Your touch
Day by day - we make a choice
To touch your heart or ours

All our lives
A total waste
If we can't
Touch His heart
To touch this world
We need His touch
We need His
Tender loving touch