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Date : 2nd November 2004
Time : 21.45 hrs

Inspired by Kelitha. Trust not your feelings...
When we come to God, we need to put aside all our feelings. Sometimes we may feel good, but more often than not, we don't. Unless we come to God in truth and in spirit, we will not have a fruitful relationship with Him. Remember... All feelings can be induced.

I know that I need You
I know that I love You
And I know that I
Want to praise You

I know that You're real
Cos Your word says so
And I know that You're
Here with me...

(But right now!)

I'm feeling so alone
My heart's not on You
I don't know what's wrong
Just wanna hold on
But somethin's not right
Cos my feelings are missing You
(Where are YOU???)

I have the whole gospel
Right up in my head
But my heart is
Missing the beat

What's the point
Of trusting You
If I'll never
Feel You near

I better begin to believe
Get my heart right back in line
I've just gotta trust and obey
With all my heart and mind and soul...