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God Of All Things

Date : 2nd November 2004
Time : 22.10 hrs

This is a real fun song with a real funky tune. The idea stemmed from the famous book with a similar title. I actually had the same title at first, but then changed it... :)

You've got a problem and ya dunno what to do
Seems too simple to bother the One above
Ya think He's busy holdin' the world in His hands
Ya think He won't give ya a second glance

Well, you're right cos
To Him you're not
Second glance or
Third place...
To Him you're
The only one (cos)

He's the God of all things
Not just the big
He cares a lot about
Every one of us
You prick a finger
He starts bleedin'
He's sad too
When you lose a shoe
Cos He's not just a great, big God
He's the God of all things

You stumbled and fell
Why bother Him?
You sprained just an ankle
Why bother Him?
You've got a minor migraine
Why bother Him?
You can't seem to find your keys
Why bother Him?

Let's bother Him cos
He wants us to
Whether we like it or not
He wants us to lean
Fully on Him... (cos)