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Date : 5th November 2004
Time : 9.40 hrs

This song was inspired by one of my escapades, away from my love. (These escapades are also popularly known as sin...) It was written in the intermittent period when I was struggling to get back to the love I knew existed, even though I had gone against that love. I love you even more now.

You picked me up
From the miry clay
Set me on the
Rock to stay

I slipped and fell
Right off the rock
Back down in clay
Blinking back the tears

Like a fool
With nothin' in his head
I have cut
The cord of your love

All I can hear now is
What used to be is not (cos there's)
I wanna hear anything but
But I've cut the cord
Binding me to you
And now there is

Picking my way
Back to the rock
Climbing slowly
Up the hill

Leaving my sinful
Self behind
To wallow about
In the mire

Thinking things through
I find my answers
Feeling guiltless
(Yet) Knowing I was wrong

Lovely Lord
You are all to me
I pray this body
And soul you keep

I knew you loved me
But now I am sure
Falling off the rock
I fell in love with you (again!)