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Cuz I'm Your Son

Date : 5th November 2004
Time : 21.55 hrs

Cuz I am Your son
Your blow strikes me harder
Cuz Your love for me is won
Your words cut much deeper
Punch me with Your love
Hit me with Your care
I will bleed till I die
Cuz I am Your son

Ok fine
So I made a mistake
But I'm not the only one
There are millions out there
Who've all done wrong
Why do they go scot free

Special to You, I am
Though You thrash my hide
I hate it when You have to
Show You really love me

Correct me
When I make a mistake
I've no objection
Why push me
To the extreme limits
Of my endurance

Why only me?
Why not them too?
I know You love me more
But I hate it when You show it

I know I'm Your special one
Still I detest rebuke
It tears Your heart and rends my soul
Leaving us without each other
So love me God and love me more
That is all I ask
In doing so, if You whip me
I'll gladly lay me down