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Back On The Cross

Date : 9th November 2004
Time : 16.30 hrs

Everytime I sin, it's like putting JC back on the cross... Through all that sin and shame. Kind of like a re-crucifixion. If we remember that, I don't think we'd ever sin. The question is, to remember it every time that Satan attacks...

Ya came from Heaven
To die for me
Left all Your glory
To be trodden upon

I thank Ya JC
For the perfect sacrifice
I live right by Your light

But each time I sin
It's like I put You
Through it all again

I don't wanna put You back on the cross
I don't wanna nail Your hands and feet
I don't wanna mock and spit on Your face
So I'm giving up my right to sin

Living free by grace
Moving from phase to phase
I've left it all
At the foot of the cross

Time and again
The ugly monster
Rises to ruin Your sacrifice

I don't wanna sin
I don't wanna drag Ya
Up the hill to calvary

The urge to sin is so strong
The urge to fight seems all gone
Why does my heart want this
When my mind knows to stay away