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Just Can't Wait

Date : 9th November 2004
Time : 20.00 hrs

When you're picking urself up from the mire and coming back to God's presence, the final few steps are the most anticipated and lovely...

I'm in the outer courts
Just can't wait to see my love
Been cut off for a while
Can barely contain my self
I know I fell
But I'm back again
Been an ardent wait
To see this hour

I can't wait to get inside
My deepest love
Am rocked with madness
Been counting the hours and minutes
I just can't wait to see Your face
To talk with You...

I'm at the gates
Pausing a moment to think
A smile curls my lips
Joy overflows my very soul
Nearly killed me
I've come back to
Your river of love

I come into Your presence
It's just like before
Minor difference now
It's better than ever
Into Your mercy and grace
I will plunge
In Your endless love
I will lose my heart