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Lazarus! Come forth!

Date : 9th November 2004
Time : 20.10 hrs

I can just imagine standing in front of that tomb on that day... And with a voice which rings with total authority, saying, "LAZARUS!!! Come forth!"

This song is written as if sung by the two sisters... The words in blue by Martha, the green by Mary. The finale is a duet. No idea how our band's gonna do it as we have just a single lead vocalist... a MALE lead vocalist... Still...

A sad day today
My brother is very weak
I'm afraid that He'd die
I pray God; To send His Son
I've sent for Him to come

I believe He's on His way
If He doesn't get here soon
My brother will leave sooner

He comes at last
When my brother's gone
To bring comfort to our loss
I went to greet Him
And to tell Him
That He could've saved my brother

(He said) "Your brother will rise again"
I knew and told Him so
Then He told me something new

"I am
The resurrection and the life
You believe in me
You'll live even if you die
Live in me and believe in me
And You will never die
Do you believe this?"

I believed with all my heart
That He was the Messiah
I told Him this
But that didn't change a thing
Atleast, not right away

I went and got Mary
Told her the Teacher's here
He is asking to see you
To comfort; in your grief

I got up and went to Him
I fell at His feet
And said "Lazarus
Wouldn't have died, Lord
If You'd been here"

He said not a single word
Just asked "Where's he laid?"
The mourners in unison
Replied, "Lord, come and see"
Then Jesus wept... Oh, he wept
To show His love for
The man who passed away

Many questioned His wisdom
In having stayed away so long

At the tomb, deeply moved
He asked the stone be removed
My sister began to protest
When He said
"Believe and you will see"

So the stone was gone
And Jesus faced the sky
He prayed a simple prayer
For the benefit of the crowd
Just thanking the Father
For having heard Him
So that they may believe

With a voice as mighty thunder
He cried, "LAZARUS!!! Come forth!"
You would laugh to hear me say it
It was dead man walking day
My brother came out of the tomb
With the graveclothes still on Him
We were too shocked to move
Till the master asked us
To release him to go

We had seen a wondrous thing
A miracle of sorts
Our brother who was dead
Is very much alive
We believe in JC
We believe He is life
We believe in the power
Of the One who said
"LAZARUS!!! Come forth!"