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Bad To Me

Date : 9th November 2004
Time : 20.30 hrs

When you work
You wanna get paid
When you study
You wanna top the charts
When ya excel
You want accolades

Me, I'm being treated
Very unfairly
I never get what I deserve
I can't understand why

You are so bad to me
You never gimme my worth
You always give me more
Your mighty grace and love
With Your Spirit's power
What less could I wish for?
I love You, so very much
Cos You're so bad to me

An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Your life for mine
That's what the world says
His life for mine (He gave)
Nah... Doesn't compute

I am never deserving
To even ask for alms
So to sit in Your seat of honour
Is beyond my wildest dreams

I like it
When You are good to me
When You just love me
And I love You right back
But when I'm mucking around
And You pour out Your love
That's when I love You more
Cos You are so bad... To me