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Chuck The Crosses!

Date : 9th November 2004
Time : 20.40 hrs

Inspired by an incident where some guys in my hostel were dabbling in Ouija boards. They used to remove their rosaries, crosses and their Bibles from the room so that the Ouija board would work. Then, after they were finished, they'd put on their crosses and bring back their bibles into the room... What rubbish!!! This song is a sarcastically sung song about such kinda people... Please do not do what this song says!

Chuck the crosses
We don't need them today
Let's lay down our robes
I feel like sinning just now
What does it matter?
We can put them on again
Let's chuck the crosses
And indulge our selves

I don't wanna sin
Just wanna have some fun
I don't wanna be
A bad boy at all

Yet somehow my cross
Doesn't become me at all
When I'm doing all the
Fun things I oh-so wanna do

He told me it's nothing wrong
So I don't think it's wrong at all
If I've to burn my bible
What-the-hey - I'll buy another

We sit down
For the soul party
Dancing with the devil
Is fun when your cross is off

Something says this ain't right
Hang the something
Conscience is clouded
So forget that
Deep down I know
All there is to know
Yet my flesh is weak
And my mind's caved in