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Soul Sale

Date : 9th November 2004
Time : 20.50 hrs

This song is for everybody out there... For believers, non-believers. For christians, non-christians. For adults, for the young. For men, for women. There is a sale of all souls on earth, which is going on even now... The choice is up to you. You have the right to sell your soul to anyone... Who's it gonna be?

There's a decision
You've gotta make
A hard-line choice
You've gotta take
You have something
Which was bought
By the highest price
Anyone could pay

The Son of God most high
Died so that
You and I
Could be free from sin
Satan was the one
Who killed Him then
So He could have us
All for free

You've gotta sell your soul
To the One who has died to buy it
Or to the one who has killed for it
You've gotta make the choice
The Son of God who died
Or Satan who tried
And still does try
To wrench your soul away
So make up your mind
You've gotta sell your soul

You may think
It does not matter
You really don't
Need to choose
Then Satan has you
Where he wants you
Made a fool of you
Having spilt the blood

I would love you to
Meet me on the other side
So decide carefully
Sell your soul to the buyer
If you don't believe me
I can't help it
I can only show the way
To those who wanna see

One's a buyer
One's a thief
Who will you
Give to grief?
The buyer stands
With pierced hands and feet
The thief too stands
Waiting to pounce
On your soul
If you give him just a chance