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Sin Offering

Date : 17th May 2005 (Original idea - 1st para)
          23rd April 2006 (worked on it - the rest of it)
Time : Unknown

Just imagine... that courtroom of God's. And all your sins are between you and our Lord. There's this lamb offered up instead of you to pay for your sins, but unless you lay your hand on it to be one with it (Read Leviticus) it cannot be accepted in your stead. Can you, knowing fully well that JC is the Son of God, lay your hand on the lamb? Can you really? It takes guts.

I lay my hand on the lamb
An offering of sin, sublime
A proferring of will, divine
According to the Lord's design
I lay my hand on the lamb

A question to me
Put by the Lord
Where is your pay
The price for all you've done
"Who me?!" said I
Then began a roll...

One by one, my sins were called out
And with each a cry "Guilty!"
Piled upon each, like a skyscraper
Unable to reach for salvation
I looked around in desperation
Then the Lord showed me a way
He showed me the lamb that was slain