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A Goddess

Date : 26th July 2006
Time : 15.30-16.30 hrs ???? Exact time unknown :D

I think that this is the first and the only song till now, which I've written which was "By Demand!". A friend at work (Banashankari) asked me to write a song about her after reading through some of my songs. Told her in a VERY noncommittal tone that I write only when inspired... Can't force it. However, I was actually inspired to write this ballad, after toying around with the idea of a goddess, since she herself is named after a Hindu goddess. Call me pagan if you will, but I love this song. And so does she... Sang it to her once at work ;)

Looking at you
One could go crazy
You can drive them up the wall
(But) Talking to you
One always finds truth
You're innocent as a new born child

Yet there's a deeper place within
You just need to find the way

A goddess by name
And a goddess by heart
Somewhere down the road
You'll be a goddess from above
Till that day shall arrive
I'll keep looking at you
Waiting for the change
Become a goddess sublime

You'll be a goddess in time...

Thinking of you
One begins to smile soon
Pure and childlike; are your ways
Living with you
One can find real joy
Your caring heart goes the extra mile

There's more to what you're worth
You'll find it deep within

Look deeper and you find
Divinity within the frame
Lies that are exterior
Expose the true interiors