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Going Away (Joe's Tribute)

Date : 12th September 2006
Time : 15.00 hours
This song is written for Joe (a.k.a. Joseph Antony) who is leaving to Doha (maybe for good?) on the 14th of September, 2006. Though we may not have been 'the example' of a Christian relationship, we have been through so much together. So much as in... Almost everything and anything. (We did college together for four years...) So this song was written for him. Hope it touches the right now, dear buddy...

We spoke about Peter
We spoke about the cross
We spoke about His wishes too

We spoke about Jesus
We spoke about the lost
We spoke about saving them too

We're speaking about tomorrow
Wishing that it wouldn't see
Us clinging to Him in sorrow
Of meeting and parting and living for Him

You are going away (far away)
We will see you someday (some other day)
Live only for Him
Remember what's taught
While you're going away

We spoke about kisses
We spoke about love
We spoke about the one who will come

We spoke about romance
We spoke about life
We spoke about basketball

we're speaking to see His will
Done as it has been laid down
Living to see each other
Some day, togethered by love

You are going away (like every good thing)
Will we see you someday (to make us sing)
Fight the good fight
Remember you're His
As you're going away

Life, love and other mysteries
Remember we spoke about all of these
Brotherhood and friendship, mysteries beneath
Till we meet again, we keep

You are going away (His will)
We were never sure (not ever)
That you will stay
With joy and a song
We'll send you on your way
Do keep smiling away
As you are going away